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Our pigs roam beautiful areas of pasture, orchards, and woodlands, giving you great tasting meat that is full of flavour. You can order all our free-range pork from the online store or our stalls at the Fleet and Odiham markets. Contact us directly if you want to order a whole or half pig. Our pork is definitely for you if you like your meat to come from a happy, healthy environment.

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woodlandpig loinsteaks
woodlandpig loinsteaks


Saddleback Unsmoked Back Bacon
Saddleback Unsmoked Back Bacon


Saddleback Pork Tenderloin
Saddleback Pork Tenderloin


Our Most Popular Pork Products

woodlandpig sausages


woodlandpig loinsteaks
woodlandpig loinsteaks


Saddleback Unsmoked Back Bacon
Saddleback Unsmoked Back Bacon


Saddleback Pork Tenderloin
Saddleback Pork Tenderloin


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Quality Assured
Our pigs are 100% free-range, outdoor bred & outdoor reared British Saddlebacks.
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Regenerative Farming
We manage our land by rotating our pigs regularly. This ensures we don’t over-graze and gives plenty of opportunity for regrowth.
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Free Delivery
For those of you that are local, we offer free local delivery within a 10-mile radius of RG27.

Springtime On the Farm

We were honoured to appear on Channel 5's 2022 Springtime On The Farm series. View our video to learn more about us, see the gorgeous Saddleback pigs and see what springtime means for life on The Woodland Pig Co farm. Hint, there are lots of little bundles of joy.
The Farm
Saddleback Pigs

Saddleback pigs are ‘at risk!’

Eat to conserve! Sounds odd, right, but it’s true!

To ensure we protect native breed bloodlines, we need to eat more rare-breed pork produce. Buying local free-range pork products supports our farm and ensures the best welfare and quality of life for the pigs. It also underpins the conservation efforts we make to protect such beautiful animals.

Source: BPA British Pig Association 2021.
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The Woodland Pig Co. at the Local Markets

We’re market-ing!

Due to popular demand and to support our communities, you can now find us regularly at the following local markets:

You can either click and collect or choose from some of our porky selections on the day. Keep an eye on our social posts for upcoming dates.

Local Markets
Saddleback Pork Belly (Boned & Rolled)

You are what you eat!

Pork is incredibly versatile as it can be prepared in various cooking methods, and the result is always a delicious piece of meat.

Some cooking methods are grilling, oven roasting or an outdoor rotisserie, pan sautéing, using pork in a stir-fry recipe, slow cooking in a crockpot, or braising in a pot. Why not check out some of our popular ideas on our recipes page!

Pork Recipes
The Woodland Pig Co. at Odiham Market

Free local delivery

We offer free local home delivery for all shoppers on our online shop. We do not put a cap on minimum spending because we feel everybody should have access to quality, free-range pork. However, we are a small family business, so please feel free to stock up your freezers to ensure we’re not driving over for a packet of sausages where possible.

Love our ethos but not local to us? Don’t panic. We can help you source great products from our fellow producers. This way, we can support local and conserve the breeds across Britain. 

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Matt and Helen The Woodland Pig Co. owners

Our Story

Our story doesn’t begin many generations ago with our ancestors raising livestock on family land. Ours is a story of a couple who set out in 2020 to change their lifestyle and what they were eating for the better.

As novice farmers, we’ve established a small scale; welfare led farm in North-East Hampshire. We are dedicated to producing exceptional, native breed, free-range pork, Whilst passionately improving pig welfare standards and our environment.
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What our customers say...

  • "We had your Pork shoulder as our Christmas day meat this year and it was incredible! Possibly the best Christmas roast we have ever had."
    Saddleback Pork Shoulder (Boneless)
    Sharon Smith
    Local Resident
  • "I'm really behind how you are raising your pigs! much more ethical, sustainable and respecting the natural breeding process. The pork & apple sausages went down so well. After well over 15 years of not eating meat, I tried your sausages. we will be a returning customer."
    Jenny Watts
    Vet Nurse
  • "Having been born and raised in Cumberland, the capital of the sausage world, there isn't much I haven't tried when it comes to locally sourced sausages. But I have to say; these yummy sausages blow my tastebuds away, cannot wait to try the other flavours. "
    Saddleback Cumberland sausages
    Paul Curren

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